Join a team of Agent professionals sharing ownership of the industry’s fastest growing ISO. We are doing ISO differentially, aligning ISO, Agent, and Merchant for long-term success.

ISO Ownership

You can get an aggressive Revenue Sharing with most ISOs. What if you built the value of your portfolio plus building value as a shareholder of your ISO partner? As a shareholder, you share in success of Elevate Payment Alliance.

Why would we do this? 17 years in the industry, we believe an alignment between your ISO and you is key for long-term success.

Patented Dual Credit and Cash Pricing Technology

Elevate Payment Alliances patented technology allows merchants in all 50 states to legally offset credit card processing costs by applying a customer service fee.

Rate Control

You have the option to lock the rate of your merchants never to be increased. You can choose to opt your merchants out of any Annual Fees. It’s your relationship with the merchant you should be in charge.

Month to Month

We want to earn a merchant’s business. No contract requirements. If you do decide to charge an Early Termination fee you share in the revenue.

 Aggressive Revenue Sharing Program 70-80%

We believe in a 100% transparency with our agents.

 U.S.- based customer service that’s there for you 24/7

 Automated Underwriting

Fully digital application experience, Instant Approvals and Downloads ready in an hour.

 Customer Care

We have a passion for progress. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience. We actively involve our Partner’s and Merchant’s feedback in the improvement of our processes.

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